``I love my Bald Cypress camo. It’s comfortable, looks great & is affordable.``

– Keith Bingham

About our Family Business

The Garntos come from a long line of hunters, so when Kelly and Joel met in high school, this was one thing they connected on – their respect for the sport. They’ve passed this love on to their three boys, Myles, Mason and Mitchell. Both Kelly and Joel’s families have been avid hunters for generations, so it seemed natural that the boys would pick up the sport as well.  However, owning their own camo company was never in the plan, but when Joel met Andrew Bell at his home to inquire about a boat, it seemed like a natural fit.

The Bell family originally started the business out of their home in Alabama. Their son, John Dawson, actually created the patterns! After the boys got older and moved away, the business became too much for Andrew and Ellen to handle on their own, so they started looking for the right buyers.  Along came Joel… He and Andrew began talking and instantly hit it off.  Joel returned to his home in Georgia and after some discussion with Kelly and the boys, they decided to become the new owners of Bald Cypress Camo.  From one family to another and eventually to yours – we hope you love our product as much as we do!


“I love Bald Cypress Camo because it’s ultra realistic, comfortable, high quality camo. The patterns are unmatched by any other brand, and I’ve worn them all. My favorite is Gum Bottom. The realism in this pattern is exceptional and makes it a great choice for spring turkey hunting!!” – H. Stuart

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“Ordered Sunday afternoon and had it in hand the next afternoon. Good quality. Exactly as advertised. I will purchase more for my family.” – Angie K.

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“I highly recommend Bald Cypress Camo based on the creative camo and old school graphics, quality of material with pocket design, and reasonably priced. The sale staff at the recent Buckarama was professional, informative, and fun lovingly courteous! Awesome combination of a quality product and reputable staff = 5 star rating!!” – Jim. L.


“I love my Bald Cypress camo. It’s comfortable, looks great & is affordable. Above all, it’s quiet. I don’t have to worry about bulky, loud material when I’m moving in the stand or stalking while hunting. This is one of the best features of the BC camo material, by far!! My favorite piece of BC camo is the hoodie. The dual front pockets (for your hands & the zippered pocket above), make it versatile & functional.” – Heath S.


“Bald Cypress camo is lightweight, warm, and affordable. I own clothing in each of the patterns and I’ve used it all the way from Kansas to Alabama. Bald Cypress has mastered their camo to have the most realistic patterns on the market. This camo is just as good as the big “name brand” clothing companies. The customer service is also great and easy to work with.” – Keith B.

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“Best Father’s Day gift ever!!! Absolutely can’t wait for bow season!” – Brett C.

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“They take care of customers needs, offer good communication and great to work with and have business with. They have some pretty good stuff” – Trent B.

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“Bald Cypress Camo donated excellent camo outfits, consisting of a hoodies, pants and shirts for each for the participants in the Adult Mentored Program – Deer Hunt Weekend sponsored by the Alabama Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries. This was my first hunting experience and the camo clothing was both warm and comfortable for my hunt. The clothing was easy to move in and definitely made my experience more enjoyable. I love this clothing and will be a customer in the future both for my family and I. Thank you for the donations and your support of the Adult Mentored Hunting Programs.” – Wanda Y.

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“Great!! Ordered a new outfit Saturday morning around 9:30 and it was in my hands Monday morning! Fast shipping and order was correct. I can’t wait to put this new camo to work this spring. 5 stars” – Omar A.

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“Great quality shirts. The light weight button up has been key for the early warm bow season days. You can go wrong with these products. Highly recommended.” – Grey S.


“One of the main reasons I love Bald Cypress Camo is the patterns of camouflage you have cover all aspects of my hunting for instance one pattern works for everything I do from turkey hunting to duck hunting to deer hunting. It just simply works!” – Ben. M

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“I just received my slough hoodie today, I am very pleased with it. I am fixing to test the water resistant feature. I will definitely be buying the pants to match when they are back in stock.” – Joshua M.

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