Licensing of our Bald Cypress Camo Patterns

Bald Cypress Camo’s patterns were created to depict natural elements and colors of nature!   No matter where your hunt takes you, we’ve got you covered.

Just like we want you to have a successful hunt, we also want you to have a successful product!  We believe that by offering our patterns to fellow outdoorsman, our brand can reach more people who share our love for the outdoors and all that it has to offer!

We would love to discuss our licensing opportunities with you.

Our Camo Patterns

Our patterns are the most innovative and realistic on the market. These patterns are designed not only to just blend in, but to actually make you vanish. Bald Cypress doesn’t want you to just blend in, but to disappear from the superlative senses of the wildlife you pursue.

Pattern: SLOUGH

Slough was designed for the harsh winter months. All the leaves are gone , the hardwoods are filled with deer scavenging for the late season forage. The ducks have made it to the wintering grounds. The Slough pattern was designed with all these things in mind!


Whether you’re hunting whitetails in the fall or calling turkeys in the spring, our Gum Bottom pattern has you covered. The bark pattern is designed to blend seamlessly into any tree, allowing the hunter to fade into his surroundings.


If your hunt is taking you to the marshes in Louisiana or the wheat fields in Saskatchewan, Post Harvest is the pattern you need to keep you covered! The contrast of golden corn and black shadows makes the hunter disappear from the whistling wings above the flooded rice or cut corn.

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We look forward to talking to you about the licensing of our Camo Patterns, usages, limitations and agreement details.  Send us your information and we’ll schedule a time with you to discuss.

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